Aghori Gaming Free Fire ID, real name, guild, monthly income, Discord link and more stats

Among Indian Free Fire players, Aghori game is considered a popular figure. The content it produces revolves around the game of Battle Royale and covers a variety of topics, including gameplay and tips and tricks.

There is currently 466K subscribers to his channel, which has 14.29 million views. His details on Free Fire are summarized below.

Aghori Gaming’s real name and Free Fire ID

Sanju Mali is Aghori Gaming’s real name. His Free Fire identifier is 46454168, and its statistics are:

Lifetime statistics

All Time Statistics (Image via Free Fire)
All Time Statistics (Image via Free Fire)

Aghori Gaming participated in 9263 team matches and has a total of 2243, which leads to a percentage gain of 24.21%. he eliminated 22710 enemies for a K / D ratio of 3.24.

The internet star competed in 2452 duo games and improved his enemies in 375, resulting in a success rate of 15.29%. At a K / D ratio of 2.79, he owns 5788 frags.

The YouTuber featured in 2625 solo matches and a 298 first places for a winning ratio of 11.35%. With 6705 kills, it has a K / D ratio of 2.88.

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Classified statistics

Ranked Statistics (Image via Free Fire)
Ranked Statistics (Image via Free Fire)

Sanju appeared in 134 team matches during the current season and has 46 wins, maintaining a win rate of 34.32%. he bagged 411 kills for a K / D ratio of 4.67.

The streamer participated in 72 duo games for five wins, which equals a winning percentage of 6.94%. He owns 122 eliminations, ensuring a K / D ratio of 1.82.

The content creator is also engaged in six solo matches and has a Single Booyah, which translates to a win ratio of 16.66%. He owns 36 frags at a K / D ratio of 7.20.

Note: Aghori Gaming statistics in this article were recorded at the time of writing. They are subject to change as the content creator continues to play more games in Garena Free Fire.

Guild and Discord link

Aghori Gaming Server (Image via Discord)
Aghori Gaming Server (Image via Discord)

He is the leader of the “SURVIVORS ☆☆☆” guild, and the guild ID is 60727130.

Users can press this link to join the Aghori Gaming Discord server.

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Aghori Gaming monthly income

YouTuber's Earnings (Image via Social Blade)
YouTuber’s Earnings (Image via Social Blade)

According to Social Blade estimates, Aghori Gaming’s monthly income is between $ 136 and $ 2.2K.

Youtube channel

The player has about 167 videos on his YouTube channel. Sanju collected 3K subscribers and 545.176K views within the the last 30 days.

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