Ahlstrom-Munksjö operations will be continued under the trade name Ahlstrom

Ahlstrom-Munksjö has been operating under the trade name Ahlstrom since October 3. The company has completed the ownership reorganization of its Decor business. She thus continued her plan, announced in May 2022, to change her name to Ahlstrom.

The divested Decor business continues as an independent business under the Munksjö name.

In June 2022, Ahlstrom-Munksjö announced plans to accelerate the pace of strategy execution and set a goal to become a preferred sustainable specialty materials supplier through a clearly defined purpose, more strategic direction precise and ambitious sustainability goals. The company implemented a new operating model and reporting structure in July 2022 to carry out this work.

Chairman and CEO Hans Sohlström said, “This is a natural step for us, as the Ahlstrom name has over 170 years of meritorious history. We serve five growth markets and lead development in all of these areas among the best companies. We will continue to operate through 38 factories in 13 countries and with some 7,000 employees who represent more than 50 nationalities.

“Our strategic ambition for 2025 is to become the leader in the association of fibers with high-performance materials. Everything we do will serve our purpose to purify and protect, with every fiber, for a sustainable world. Now it’s our turn to take Ahlstrom into the future and transform it into the Preferred Sustainable Specialty Materials company.

The trade name change to Ahlstrom comes with a renewed logo where the symbol remains the same and the name is changed to Ahlstrom.

In line with the name change, the company’s web address has been changed to ahlstrom.com. The corporate names will remain unchanged until they are subsequently modified country by country in accordance with local legislation.

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