Borrowing money from yourself instead

Almost all of us have ever been in a situation where you need a short-term loan of some kind to cope with a temporary expense that has arisen for some reason, for example, if one of our appliances in the kitchen has broken or the like.

And almost as many of us have been sitting down at the bank to explain what we should have the money for and seen the suspicious glances when the credit check is done on us.

Good way to borrow money by yourself

Good way to borrow money by yourself

There is a very good way to borrow money by yourself that we often do not think about and that is to mortgage or sell gold we have at home in the drawer. Many of us have old jewelery, necklaces and rings at home that we never use, it may be heirlooms that we intend to melt down and do something good with, but it has never been done.

If you take these to the Mortgage Bank, you can temporarily borrow from yourself by putting them in pledge and thereby borrowing from yourself.

When it is valued you find out how much you can borrow


It works like you take what you want to borrow with the Good Finance to get it valued, when it is valued you find out how much you can borrow and this you find out while you are down there, usually it only takes 5 minutes. Then you get the money in hand and they do not ask what you have the money for and they do not take credit information on you.

Your gold remains for four months

And during that time you can recover your mortgage against repaying your loan. About 95% of everything that is submitted to the Good Finance is collected again.

The thing to keep in mind is that you have to compare several different mortgage banks when you have to mortgage so that you get the maximum possible value for what you mortgage.

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