Built-in Facebook “Sound Emoji” functionality for a better chat experience with users

Facebook launched Sound Emoji on its platform on the occasion of World Emoji Day. Facebook is the first company to implement such a feature, unlike any other social media site before. The main reason for the implementation of this feature by Facebook is to improve the communication experience of users of the platform.

Facebook users were notified of the launch of this feature via a blog post on Fb. A user can share a nice sound clip with an emoji using Soundmojis. The sound emoji can be incorporated with the number of sounds. Applause, cricket, drumbeats and loud laughter are some of the examples of sound clips. It is believed that dozens of people use emojis on a daily basis to express their feelings on Facebook. What can’t be said in words can simply be conveyed using emoji, according to Loredana, vice president of Facebook Messenger. That is why, to make it easier for your loved ones to express your emotions using emoji, facebook has introduced a feature called Sound Emoji.

The Sound Emoji library allows users to choose their preferred sound. Although this library is not currently available on Facebook, it will be integrated with the platform in the near future. Attractive sound effects and sound clips will be included in this feature.

But the question arises, how can users use the Sound Emoji feature?

To know how a user can use the Sound Emoji feature on Facebook, follow these steps below:

  • To use Facebook Messenger Sound Emoji, first open the Messenger app.
  • Then tap on the chat bar input box and click on the emoji smiley.
  • After that go to the Expression menu, click on the speaker icon.
  • After that, when the speaker icon opens, the number of emoji sounds will be displayed in front of you.
  • Users can preview the sound emoji before sending the emoji sound. After that, users can choose their favorite Sound Emoji and send it to their friends.

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