Canada Cancels Wage Subsidy, Announces $ 7.4 Billion in New COVID-19 Support – National

The federal government is spending $ 7.4 billion to expand and create new COVID-19 supports for hard-hit businesses and workers that will continue until spring.

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said on Thursday that starting Sunday, new measures will be put in place to replace the vast Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CUS) and the Canada Emergency Rent Grant ( SCRE), which expire on Saturday.

The new hardest hit business takeover program, the Lockdown Support Program and the Canadian Worker Lockdown Benefit will begin Sunday and end on May 7, 2022, Freeland said.

“Today our support needs to be narrower, more targeted and less costly,” she said. “Shift from widespread support that was appropriate at the height of blockages to more targeted measures that will provide help where it is needed. “

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Under the Most Affected Business Recovery program, eligibility will be a two-key system, Freeland said. First, the government will consider whether an employer suffered a significant loss of earnings during the 12 months during the pandemic. The second key is the loss of income during the current application month.

In addition, the Lockdown Support Program has been created in case the pandemic requires further local lockdowns in parts of the country.

For businesses facing closures, the federal government will make the wage and rental subsidy available up to the maximum amount for the duration of the shutdown.

Like the Canada Emergency Benefit, the new Canada Worker Containment Benefit would provide $ 300 per week to workers under lockdown, including those who are not eligible for EI.

Freeland also said the government was extending the Canada Sickness Benefit and the Canada Caregiver Benefit until May 7 and would increase the maximum duration of each benefit by an additional two weeks.

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Don’t Stop Federal COVID-19 Benefits, Companies Say As Expiration Approaches

Several federal programs created to support Canadians and Canadian businesses during the pandemic are expected to expire on Saturday.

On October 23, benefits such as CEWS, CERS and Lockdown Support will no longer be active.

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These programs, along with the Canada Recovery Benefit, the Canada Caregiver Recovery Benefit, and the Canada Illness Recovery Benefit, were scheduled to expire on September 25, but were extended over the summer because they were became evident that restarting the economy would take longer.

Business groups have pressured the federal government to implement a long-term strategy as the pandemic continues.

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