Deadline to apply for business recovery grants is Wednesday, June 1 — Neuse News

As of May 27, the NCDOR has received over 13,000 applications. Applicants must submit their application online by midnight on June 1. Paper applications must be received by the NCDOR at the location indicated on the application no later than June 1.

Grant eligibility has been expanded for Phase 2 of the BRG. In addition to businesses in the hospitality industry impacted by COVID such as restaurants and hotels, the BRG is open to all other industries. Additionally, a business that has received other COVID-19 relief may now be eligible for a grant in Phase 2. A non-exhaustive list of businesses that may be eligible for a grant is below:

  • Farmers and agro-industries

  • Gyms and personal training companies

  • Salons and hair salons

  • Massage therapy companies

  • Dental offices

  • Law firms

  • Medical offices

  • Interior design companies

  • Hardware stores

  • Pharmacies

  • Landscapers

  • Sewing and dry cleaning companies

About $200 million remains to be awarded of the $500 million in US bailout funds earmarked for the program.

Two types of grants are available for businesses eligible for Phase 2:

  • A hospitality grant is available for a qualifying arts, entertainment or recreation business, as well as a qualifying accommodation or catering business such as a hotel, restaurant or bar (NAICS codes 71 and 72).

  • A reimbursement subsidy is available for an eligible business not classified in NAICS codes 71 and 72.

Gross receipts reported on an expanded list of tax forms can be used to calculate an economic loss for Stage 2, making the BRG available to sole proprietors, corporations and other qualifying businesses that do not report gross receipts on the E-500 form or the federal form. 1065. This change may also allow businesses that primarily provide services to apply for a larger subsidy in Phase 2.

Eligible business owners can apply for Phase 2 online at More detailed information and answers to frequently asked questions are also available on the agency’s website.

The program is supported, in whole or in part, by Federal Award Number SLRFP0129 awarded to the State of North Carolina by the United States Department of Treasury.

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