Encoo Melbourne launches partner portal for Internet, MPLS and SD-WAN solutions – Telco

Encoo Communications, based in Melbourne, has launched a partner portal for resellers to create telecommunications solutions for customers.

Called Encoo Connect, the portal allows resellers to perform service qualification with a number of upstream vendors through an end-to-end self-service interface.

The portal will initially include Internet services from Telstra, TPG, Vocus, NBN and other local providers, as well as MPLS networks and SD-WAN solutions. Connect will also include cloud and data center connectivity, phone systems and more at a later date.

“Connect gives our partners the ability to create tailor-made solutions, from unique Internet services to MPLS networks and SD-WAN solutions, all with just a few clicks,” said Ash Watt, director of Encoo.

“As an independent carrier, we seek out all carriers giving them the peace of mind of knowing what services are available as well as providing pricing on the spot. “

Partners added by Watt will be able to configure and manage their full suite of complex telecommunications services across multiple locations at any time and with less complexity. “From simple routing changes to speed upgrades (subject to upstream carrier availability), all of this can be done by our partners at a convenient time,” he said.

Channel partners can also view on Connect the current status of services, such as performance (usage, latency and jitter), availability, and real-time and historical monitoring.

End-users’ MPLS and SD-WAN networks can also be customized to allow them to pair transport services across multiple upstream providers with hardware to deliver customer-specific solutions.

“We see Encoo Connect as a game changer for channel partners,” Watt said. “Give our partners the ability to offer services from multiple carriers and create solutions with just the push of a button. This allows our partners to focus on creating amazing customer experiences.

Founded in 2012, Encoo started out as a voice service provider before building an MPLS network and then adding other offerings such as software switching and hosted telephony.

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