Explaining Canadian players’ protest against World Cup compensation

Canada Soccer is expected to receive at least $10 million, potentially up to $15 million, from FIFA for its participation in the World Cup. As a rule, federations will pay bonuses to their national teams from this pool of money.

Negotiations between the players and the federation began after Canada qualified for the World Cup on March 27, but had not spoken in the same room until that window.

In response to the canceled friendly and ongoing public dispute, Canada Soccer called a press conference with President Nick Bontis and Acting General Secretary Earl Cochrane at BC Place on Sunday afternoon.

The tone of this media availability was tense to say the least. Bontis called the players’ proposal “untenable”, even though the association only had the men’s and women’s teams under its umbrella.

“We would like to have a fact-based discussion within the fiscal reality that Canada Soccer has to live with every day,” Bontis said. “Canada Soccer is committed to the principles of justice and fairness and we believe we have presented a fair offer to the players. We compared our offer to that of other national teams around the world. With respect to the issue of gender equity raised in the letter from the players, Canada Soccer’s offer also commits to providing the exact same terms to our Women’s National Team. As we move forward, Canada Soccer’s strategic commitment is to support all of our programs, from the grassroots to the first elite teams. »

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