Governor Abbott Defends Continued Texas Broadband Expansion in Greenville | Texas Governor’s Office

August 3, 2022 | Austin, TX | Press release

Governor Greg Abbott today received Connect the Future Texas’ Broadband Champion Award for leading the state’s efforts to increase broadband access for all Texans during a press conference at Hunt Regional Greenville Medical Center. The Broadband Champion Award is presented by Connect the Future Texas to Texans who are committed to raising awareness and promoting solutions to ensure that every Texan has access to reliable broadband connectivity in an increasingly digital age.

The Governor was joined at the press conference by Lee Boles, CEO of Hunt Memorial Hospital District (HMHD), Todd Baxter, Vice President of Charter Communications, staff and medical students from Hunt Regional Medical Center, as well as d other local officials. During the press conference, the Governor highlighted the state’s ongoing efforts to expand broadband access across Texas and stressed the critical need for all Texans and hospital staff to have a Fast and reliable internet, especially for telemedicine.

“Broadband infrastructure is critical to ensuring that all Texans – urban and rural – have access to fast, reliable internet so they can see a doctor from the comfort of their own homes,” Governor Abbott said. “During the 87th legislative session, we passed legislation dramatically expanding broadband access across our state, including patients in rural areas who need to be seen by providers like Hunt Regional Healthcare. Broadband is essential to meeting the needs of all sick and ill Texans in need of mental health services through telemedicine The Future of Texas is online, and I look forward to working alongside Connect the Future Texas as we bring that future to everyone.

“Hunt County is growing at a rapid pace and managing patient volumes is a big challenge for Hunt Regional Healthcare,” said Lee Boles, CEO of HMHD. “Our patients love having access to telemedicine visits, and it helps our medical center separate healthy patients from sick patients. Improved broadband connectivity will expand access to audio and visual telemedicine visits to rural patients in Hunt County. »

“Thank you, Governor Abbott, for declaring broadband expansion an emergency item last session,” said Charter Communications Vice President Todd Baxter. “Under the leadership of the Governor and Members of the Legislature, critical broadband legislation has been passed, including a nation’s first broadband hub replacement program that will bring quality, reliable, and affordable to underserved areas of Texas.”

Governor Abbott made broadband access an emergency item during the 87th legislative session. He has signed several broadband-related bills, including House Bill 5 that expands high-speed Internet access across Texas by requiring the Broadband Development Office to develop a nationwide broadband plan. of the state to guide the short- and long-term goals of robust broadband infrastructure throughout Texas. During the 86th Legislative Session, Governor Abbott signed into law HB 1960, establishing the Governor’s Broadband Development Council which works to remove barriers to high-speed Internet throughout Texas.

Connect the future Texas is a coalition dedicated to expanding broadband access in the Lone Star State.

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