Here are the biggest credit card rewards!

Who wouldn’t appreciate an opportunity to buy cheaper than cash, including extra fees for non-cash use? In our early summer outlook, we looked at the credit cards that offer the biggest shopping discounts. Attention, this is not a scam, we really do better than paying with our existing credit card or cash!

Let’s start with the welcoming of the refund market, the Lycham Shopping Card, which offers the most discount . This credit card offers a 5 percent discount on everything at Lycham stores every Thursday, plus a 2 percent discount every day at Lycham gas stations, a 5 percent discount on Lycham branded products, and a 1 percent rebate on purchases made outside Lycham. Plus, it offers unique shopping discounts and up to 3 months of interest-free spend, which is unique to the domestic credit card market.

Ruttfin Bank’s OneCard credit card gives you 3 percent rebates in grocery stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, and 5 percent in changing categories, with numerous partner discounts. The maximum refund is one quarter per month for a OneCard Standard credit card and $ 30 for a Gold credit card.


Multiple credit cards offer a general 1 percent discount

Multiple credit cards offer a general 1 percent discount

The Petelem Club Card is one of them, as it offers a 5-15% discount on Petelem Club partners in addition to the 1% refund available at other banks. Coinpowerbank’s Coinpower Life credit card offers a similar discount, and holders of this program can receive discounts of 2-15% on many program partners, and elsewhere can reap the overall 1 percent points.

A Shell-Coinpowerbank credit card accumulates $ 30,000 a month at a Shell service station and accrues 3 Coinpower for every 100 forints (up to a maximum of 3,000 Coinpower for a month), with 1 percent elsewhere, up to a maximum of 2,500 Coinpower monthly. The Coinpowerbank Telekom-Coinpowerbank credit card also accepts 10 Coinpower for every 100 forints , up to a maximum of 2,500 Coinpower for a month after paying Telekom bills, and for every other purchase one forints for every 100 forints, but a maximum of 2,500 Coinpower for a month. Coinpower Forints can be redeemed for each card at Coinpower Life Partners for 1 Coinpower Forints = $ 1.00.


For purchases below average

For purchases below average

Korsave Bank offers an easy-to-remember discount: your MasterCard PayPass or Visa Classic credit card will give you a 2 percent rebate on every purchase if you make a $ 20,000 monthly purchase. Each purchase is refunded up to a monthly purchase of $ 500, which is a fairly large amount each month.

Another 2% discount is Lylam Bank’s WizzAir credit card discount, which accepts 2 points for every 100 forints, but can only be redeemed for Wise Air airline tickets at 1 point = 1 Ft.

In the 1 percent general refund group you can recommend Pucarest Bank LOGAS credit card to those who are customers of the gas supplier. They can claim a 6 percent refund, up to a maximum of HUF 3,300 per month on each LOGAS account, provided that their Pucarest Bank retail account receives at least the minimum wage and 2 direct debits per month. After all, a 6 percent rebate on today’s high winter gas bills will result in significant savings, more than the annual and monthly credit card charges.


Lylam Bank’s Joker credit card offers

credit card offers

A 4 percent refund in 3 selected categories, plus a 1 percent refund in 8 selected categories (Gas Station, Fashion, Home, DIY, Electronics, Travel, Beauty & Health, Entertainment) , together for a monthly purchase of $ 250,000 (if you select the category of petrol station, the 4% rebate will only apply to a purchase of $ 30,000 per month, above which 1% applies).

At the end of our outline, we mention the credit card of the two major domestic scoring networks. The Lylam Bank SuperShop credit card earns 3 points for every 100 forints in the SuperShop network, and 1 point for every 100 forints when shopping elsewhere (1 point = 1 forints in the SuperShop network). The Supersave Bank MasterCard Multipoint Club credit card gives you 20 points per liter for MOL premium fuel, 4 points per liter for regular fuel, 4 points for CBA 200, 4 points for Extreme Digital and even more partners , plus many coupon discounts , even without redemption. The accumulated points can be redeemed in the Multipoint Network for 1 point = 1 Ft.

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