High performance computing for superior monitoring

First Distribution, the leading pan-African distributor of cybersecurity, data center, cloud, surveillance and IOT solutions, strengthens its partnership with BCD, the security industry’s most trusted source for video data infrastructure solutions .

The distribution partnership aims to strengthen FD’s value proposition of providing turnkey security and ICT solutions to the African market based on leading brands.

Today’s surveillance goes far beyond connecting simple cameras to a monitor, says Francois Malan, Technical Manager of Data Security and Internet of Things (DS and IOT) at First Distribution.

Cameras have become the ultimate smart IOT devices, using artificial intelligence (AI) to trigger alerts, make instant decisions and convert images into data.

Consolidating all surveillance system components into a purpose-built, ICT-compliant video data infrastructure solution has evolved and transformed the market, he adds.

“Simply put, BCD is the best market monitoring provider,” says Malan. “They are one of the largest Dell server OEMs in the world, using Dell’s excellent technical technology, carrying out guarantees and adding their secret sauce to create the best video solution, such as their exclusive iDRAC integrations and Harmonize Bridge for the hybrid cloud connectivity.

“Monitoring requires high-performance computing,” Malan explains. “You have a video that comes in at over 4k resolution and if you skip a beat you might miss evidence.

“BCD takes the best servers in the world and includes components that make it even better at handling video. They build certified servers for the surveillance industry for some of the world’s biggest brands.

BCD builds custom servers to exact customer requirements. “They do the design and the architecture for the client,” says Malan. “And they will guarantee their bandwidth and storage calculations, so the customer has complete peace of mind.”

Support is key when it comes to the surveillance market and customers value it accordingly. “Whatever server you buy will be useless if there is no support when something goes wrong,” Malan points out. “BCD offers 24/7 lifetime support for its product, so customers have complete peace of mind.” BCD leverages Dell’s support footprint to support industry-leading warranties.

According to Malan, the ability to offer purpose-built systems of the highest quality from BCD has been a win-win for First Distribution.

Although COVID-19 has disrupted global supply chains, First Distribution customers will not be left behind when it comes to BCD solutions. “BCD holds shares in key regions of the globe,” Malan explains. “We can get pre-made products to South Africa within 21 days, despite global stock-outs.”

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