Innovid’s CTV and video technology is now available in China,

NEW YORK, November 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Innovid, a leading independent ad serving and measurement platform for Connected TV (CTV), today announced its global technology expansion to China. The company has appointed former national director of Google Platforms and chief executive of Publicis, David Chen, to oversee Innovid’s presence as executive director for China. Innovid’s investment in China further expands the company’s global CTV and measurement footprint ahead of its public offering later this year.

With this launch, global marketers can now leverage Innovid’s innovative CTV and video offerings in the Chinese market to reach local consumers with personalized experiences and measure their campaign performance with independent analytics. The expansion into China provides global marketers with a single source of information on Innovid’s vast reach of channels, publishers and devices in more than 75 countries.

The Chinese market represents nearly a billion active Internet users, which represents a huge opportunity for global advertisers to reach and engage consumers. According to eMarketer, the Chinese population consumes more digital video than any other country in the Asia-Pacific region, with more than fifty percent of internet-connected households choosing to consume TV content through OTT devices. The result is a very engaged, video-driven, tech-savvy audience.

“Innovid is the global leader in innovating and creating transformative CTV and video experiences for brands and audiences,” said Zvika Netter, CEO of Innovid. “As international brands seek to engage this tech-savvy Chinese consumer base, marketers can use our unified infrastructure to expand their reach and increase relevance. With the addition of the Chinese market, Innovid customers now have a more complete and almost complete view of overall campaign performance. This is another critical step towards resolving the measurement fragmentation issues of the CTV industry.

By leveraging independent ad tracking and dynamic creative solutions from Innovid, global brands can create personalized and integrated consumer experiences and journeys specific to the Chinese market. Advertisers can now activate and measure campaigns with major publishers in China, adding to the vast reach that Innovid already offers to the world’s largest media players, such as Google and Amazon. Innovid’s dynamic creative optimization solution is also available for programmatic DCO partners.

Driving Innovid’s growth in China, Chen will lead the company’s local strategy and support global clients campaigning in the market. With over 20 years of ad technology and internet industry experience in the Asia-Pacific region, Chen previously worked at Publicis Group as Managing Director and at Google China as Country Manager, where he oversaw media and platform solutions, including DoubleClick, YouTube and AdMob. Most recently, he was Managing Partner and CEO of MAXBIT.

“As CTV consumption continues to take off globally, I am delighted to join Innovid and share the company’s vision for the future of CTV advertising with the Chinese market,” Chen said. “This region presents a truly exciting opportunity for brands to engage with hyper-focused, video-centric audiences. I look forward to supporting our global partners, helping them organize and deliver impactful campaigns. “

Netter continued, “Expanding Innovid’s presence in APAC has been a major area of ​​focus for us over the past few years with the launch of our offices in Japan and Singapore. I am confident that the combination of Innovid’s innovative technology and David’s deep local expertise will deliver superior value and guidance to global brands.

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