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In certain circumstances, owners who cannot stay in their accommodation due to insured damage may be entitled to additional living expenses. (File photo: Timon Studler / Unsplash)

July 19, 2021 (TORONTO) – Following the tornado in Barrie on July 15, the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) deployed the Mobile Community Assistance Pavilion (CAP), a program that provides disaster victims with access to insurance information on site. The City of Barrie has set up the Emergency Support Center at Saint Gabriel the Archangel Catholic School. As of Monday July 19, IBC has had representatives at the school to help answer insurance-related questions. Affected residents can also contact the IBC Consumer Information Center at 1-844-2ask-IBC (1-844-227-5422) for more information on home, business or auto insurance related to the. tornado.

Every the policy is different. Know what your insurance covers.

Your insurance representative can confirm coverage under your current policy. Damage to homes caused by a tornado, including wind and rain, is usually covered. This includes:

  • Losses caused by flying debris or fallen trees and / or branches
  • Damage to your home and its contents from water entering through openings suddenly caused by wind
  • Damage caused to vehicles by wind or water, if you have comprehensive or all-risk coverage under your auto insurance policy. This coverage is optional, so check with your insurance representative to see what coverage you have purchased.

In certain circumstances, owners who cannot stay in their accommodation due to insured damage may be entitled to additional living expenses. Check with your insurance representative to find out what your policy covers.

Tips to start the complaint process

When it is safe, follow these steps to begin the insurance claim process:

  • Assess and document the damage. Taking pictures can be helpful.
  • Call your insurance representative or your insurer’s claims department to report your damage.
  • If possible, assemble proof of purchase, photos, receipts and warranties. Keep damaged items unless they pose a health risk.
  • Keep notes and be as detailed as possible when documenting damage. provide information.
  • Ask your insurance representative if and for what period you are entitled to additional living expenses.
  • Keep all receipts related to cleaning. If you have been relocated, keep receipts for your additional living expenses.

Next steps

  • Once you have declared a claim, a claims adjuster will be assigned to you by your insurance company. Considering the number of people affected by the tornado, it may take a while, but you will be contacted.
  • The claims adjuster will investigate the circumstances of the claim, review the documents you provide and explain the process. Take notes and ask questions during these conversations.
  • Your insurance company will ask you to complete a Proof of Loss form to list the property and / or items that have been damaged or destroyed, with the corresponding value or cost of the damage or loss. You must sign and swear that the statements you make in the Proof of Loss are true. Ask your insurance representative or claims adjuster to clarify anything you are unsure about.

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