Intel Offers Technology Solutions to Address Road Safety Issues in India

New Delhi: Intel on Monday joined major technology and transportation providers, automakers, universities and government to collaborate and provide solutions to address road safety challenges.

The collaboration, which is part of the Safety Pioneers Conference which was inaugurated here by Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari, aims to serve as a platform to showcase initiatives and technologies road safety pioneers such as the Internet of Things (IoT), ADAS and other emerging technologies that can have a large-scale impact.

With a focus on using technology for road safety, the company also showcased Intel Onboard Fleet Services (“Solution”), an AI-powered fleet safety solution for commercial vehicles during the conference.

As a first-of-its-kind initiative, this comprehensive solution brings world-class, road-tested technology exclusively designed for Indian conditions.

It offers collision avoidance systems (CAS), driver monitoring systems, fleet telematics, fleet health and fuel efficiency features.

“Road safety has always been a pressing issue in our country, with the highest traffic accident rate in the world. Intel and its ecosystem partners from government, industry and academia have worked tirelessly to leverage the power of technology to help achieve India’s road safety goals. And this conference further strengthens the commitment by bringing together key players to collaborate, innovate and advance road safety in India,” said Nivruti Rai, Country Head, Intel India, and Vice President, Intel Foundry Services, in a statement.

Intel’s solutions also include advanced telematics, covering vehicle health and fuel analysis, and a unique driver rating and evaluation module. This can significantly help fleets reduce the risk of accidents and downtime, while encouraging good driving practices through targeted incentive and reward programs.

At the heart of the solution is Driver Coaching, which activates 15 different inputs to provide individualized coaching recommendations to commercial fleets, who lose up to 25 working days per accident involved.

The solution, already deployed by 16 customers, indicates that this technology can reduce the probability of accidents by 40-60% and estimates that overall efficiency losses can be reduced by up to 50%.

India has one of the highest traffic accident rates in the world – responsible for nearly 11% of all road deaths globally with just 1% of vehicles globally. There are 17 deaths every hour and one accident every minute on Indian roads.

Six out of 10 accidents involving commercial fleets can be avoided with prompt driver intervention. Additionally, the commercial fleet industry suffers efficiency losses of up to Rs 48,000 crore annually due to fleet accidents and breakdowns.

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