NEORide Receives Federal Grants for Transit Solutions

Two Department of Transportation agencies will provide federal funding for NEORide programs establishing demand-responsive transit, which could serve as a national model.

WASHINGTON DC, DC – NEORide of Ohio, which works with governments to improve public transit services in several states, will receive more than $1.83 million in federal grants to develop new technologies, including those that facilitate on-demand public transportation, the U.S. Department of Transportation announced today.

Two DOT agencies, the Federal Highway Administration and the Federal Transit Administration awarded the grants. The FHWA will award $1.49 million to NEORide, while the FTA awarded $338,600 to develop software supporting demand-responsive transportation for 18 transit agencies in Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan and Arkansas.

“With these grants, the Biden-Harris administration is helping communities provide modern transportation systems that connect people to where they want to go more affordably, efficiently, and safely,” the U.S. Transportation Secretary said. , Pete Buttigieg. “We are thrilled to support these innovative solutions that will improve driving and public transportation for Americans in urban, suburban and rural areas.”

On-demand public transport has been increasingly adopted on a trial basis in US cities. In cities offering on-demand transportation, riders can use phone or internet apps to order rides to locations along fixed or flexible routes—sometimes in smaller vehicles such as commercial vans—at scheduled times. more convenient than a typical bus route.

The FHWA will allocate nearly $1.5 million to develop cloud-based solutions to support NEORide’s EZConnect project, which, according to NEORide’s website, “will provide transit users in multiple counties with one number phone and a website to plan paratransit and microtransit trips”.

The money, awarded through FHWA’s Advanced Transportation and Congestion Management Technology Deployment Grant program, will help support EZConnect’s cloud-based technologies integrating and sharing data between multiple transport agencies. public transit in Ohio. He will also help develop customer management and scheduling software to “share customer profile and eligibility information, travel requests and booking confirmations, supplier and vehicle information, and trip performance status,” the press release read.

DOT says the Advanced Transportation and Congestion Management Technology Deployment Grant Program awarded $45.2 million this year to fund “early deployments of forward-looking technologies that can serve as national models.” “.

The FTA’s on-demand transportation grant is offered through a grants program called Enhancing Mobility Innovation, which awarded $4 million to agencies developing “innovations that give people better options for getting around and encourage people to board, such as integrated fare payment systems and user-friendly apps for on-demand public transportation,” according to the DOT.

By improving access to public transit in underserved communities and making public transit more attractive to riders, DOT says, the grants will support the Biden-Harris administration’s goal of meeting climate goals. and promote environmental justice.

“The EMI program provides more tools to improve mobility and make all modes of public transportation easier to use and more attractive to riders,” said FTA Administrator Nuria Fernandez. “This funding will help grantees test new innovations with the goal of deploying sustainable solutions that create opportunities for people in their communities.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The above video previously aired on 3News on August 10, 2022.

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