NetIX forms network exchange with Epsilon and expands into Canada with eStruxture

Combining NetIX’s presence in Central and Eastern Europe with Epsilon’s network in Asia Pacific and Western Europe will give customers access to these regions and benefit both vendors.

With NetIX’s peering locations and services added to Infiny, users will be able to add new routes and services to their networks, allowing them to operate as one end-to-end network. NetIX’s Global Internet Exchange (GIX) service is also available on Infiniy.

“Combining our global network and services with those of Epsilon reflects NetIX’s commitment to building our network around customer needs,” said Chris Harper, CCO of NetIX.

“We look forward to working with wholesalers and business organizations who want to expand their reach in the regions of Central and Eastern Europe where we have unrivaled strength and help them drive transformative change that improves the way they connect. and work.”

At the same time, NetIX and eStruxture Data Centers have partnered to provide global connectivity services and global peering solutions to enhance eStruxture’s customer networks directly from their Canadian facilities.

“Our new partnership with NetIX demonstrates our continued commitment to helping our customers grow and expand their reach when their business demands it. We look forward to offering their services at one of our facilities in Canada,” said Todd Coleman, President and CEO of eStruxture.

Through this collaboration, eStruxture customers can now access all NetIX global locations, Internet exchange points and the GIX peering solution directly from any of eStruxture’s data centers via the Tunneling over Internet (Tol) service.

NetIX’s ToI service allows any network to connect to the NetIX platform via the public Internet and enjoy the same benefits – and services – as members physically connected via a cross connect.

“NetIX and eStruxture are similar in that we are both privately owned and independently operated, allowing us to be agile, flexible and responsive,” said Neven Dilkov, CEO and Founder of NetIX.

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