Oakland, Wayne and Macomb Counties Form Water Infrastructure Partnership

Pontiac, Mich. – Detroit-area county officials have agreed to create a group that will examine the water infrastructure challenges facing the region.

The county commissioners of Oakland, Wayne and Macomb passed resolutions on the regional water infrastructure partnership.

They also passed resolutions to establish a Regional Broadband Infrastructure and Equity Partnership Group that will seek to establish a framework to address a wide range of Internet and broadband accessibility challenges.

Counties will form steering committees with voting representatives from each commission to provide direction and oversight. Committees may also include subject matter experts and non-voting members representing county departments.

The two groups will collate studies and create recommendations for action, culminating in a presentation to be made at a summit this year.

“With these groups, we have the opportunity to deliver fairness on a much larger scale than if we were working independently,” said Oakland County Commission Chairman David T. Woodward, a Democrat. .

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“The social and economic challenges associated with internet accessibility and water infrastructure do not recognize our local boundaries, so it is up to us to work in a way that improves the lives of our residents now and creates sustainable solutions for the future,” Woodward said. .

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