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Nagpur: The corporatization of munitions factories as well as the appointment of senior officials in the seven new entities resulting from the Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) have been challenged in court.
The Indian Federation of Defense Employees (AIDEF), a left-wing union, already lodged a complaint against corporatization with the Madras District Court on Monday. The union also challenged the Essential Defense Services Act (EDSA). The law, enacted shortly after the collapse of talks between the unions in military equipment factories and the government, makes strikes in defense establishments illegal.
Both cases were filed by AIDEF before the Madras District Court.
In one day, the Bharatiya Pratiraksha Mazdoor Sangh (BPMS), an RSS trend union, is expected to file a complaint against EDSA in the Delhi High Court.
Amid it, the Association of Indian Ordnance Factories Services (IOFS) Officers on Wednesday filed a lawsuit challenging the very method of appointing senior officials, including chief executive officers (CMDs) and news administrators. companies. As part of the corporatization plan, seven public sector companies were excluded from the OFB.
The association appointed secretary, defense production, ministry of corporate affairs, general director OFB and all those selected for the post of CMD and directors as respondents. The Delhi High Court served notices on the respondents.
Union sources said a number of issues led to the controversy. The officers’ association alleged that none of the procedures, set by the Union Public Services Commission (UPSC) or the Public Enterprise Selection Board (PESB), were followed in the selection process.
An association source alleged that the age criteria had been abruptly changed. The change was not publicly notified, but candidates received emails, he said. “Representations by some of the officers asking for clarification were eliminated without any response,” the source said, adding that some of the candidates had not even had a telephone interview. All these points will be raised during the litigation, the source said.
“In some cases, there are also issues related to vigilance,” said an associative source, on condition of anonymity.
The union’s argument against corporatization is that there have already been agreements with the previous defense minister that the OFB will not be transformed into corporatization. The unions say it has even been mentioned in parliament that the unused capacity of munitions factories must be maintained to meet any requirements. Factories may not be financially viable as a trading company.
EDSA is challenged on the grounds that strike is the constitutional right of workers in munitions factories. They are covered by the labor disputes law and can go on strike after following certain procedures.


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