Payday loans help pay back -Learn more about our payday loan consolidation program

Learn more about our payday loan consolidation program

Our payday loan consolidation program is for anyone wishing to consolidate their current payday loans into a single monthly payment.

Is it complicated to take the steps to consolidate my credits?

No, your advisor is here to accompany you.
He determines with you the amount needed to repay your credits and your new monthly payment. He handles administrative formalities such as sending letters and refunding your credits.

Is this a product only dedicated to people in difficulty?

No, it can affect everyone who wants to optimize the management of their credits.

How much can you borrow?

Depending on your needs and your repayment capacity: from $ 1,000 to $ 50,000.

Can I prepay my new loan?

Yes, you can at any time repay all or part of your loan.

What types of credit can be grouped?

Consumer loans: personal loan, assigned loan, revolving credit from your bank or other institutions.

Are there any risks that old credits held in another bank are not yet repurchased and that I have to start repaying the new credit?

We send the refund checks as soon as possible after the legal withdrawal period, but if you wish for more security, it is possible to postpone the collection of the first monthly payment from one to three months.

Can one secure one’s credit?

Can one secure one

Optional insurance adapted to your situation is offered. They will be able to take care of the payment of your monthly payments in case of Death and Total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy and Total Temporary Incapacity of Work, for example (optional insurance within the limits and conditions of the notice of insurance, ask advice with your advisor).

Can the organization holding the current loan ask me for prepayment benefits?

The regulations allow the application of indemnities in case of early repayment. These benefits are not systematically applied to all loans. This information is noted on the credit agreement, you can also ask the question to the organization with which you have taken out this loan.

Is it possible to finance a complementary project in addition to the consolidated credits?

This credit formula can also allow you to finance a new project (depending on your repayment capabilities).

Your advisor will suggest simulations integrating your project and the consolidation of your current credits. Only one monthly payment will be taken.

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