Scepter Holdings, Inc., Developer of Adapti AI Influencer Software, Reaches Important Milestone in Adapti’s Development to Incorporate Social Media Chat Data

Scepter extends Adapti by integrating social media discussions into influencer analytics

LAS VEGAS, NV/ACCESSWIRE/March 10, 2022 / Scepter Holdings, Inc., (OTC PINK: BRZL), a high-performance consumer goods sales and marketing company, has reached another important milestone in the development of Adapti, its data analytics platform based on on artificial intelligence (AI). The team extended the scope of data analytics efforts to incorporate data from social media discussions into the influencer data set.

One of Adapti’s goals is to intelligently match products to influencers. In identifying the right influencers for our clients’ products, it became clear that we needed to better understand the individual influencer’s audience. There are a large number of influencers on social media with a large number of followers, however, having a large number of followers is not a surefire indicator of promotional success. We’ve enhanced Adapti’s capabilities to examine conversations sparked by an influencer’s post, to better identify the types of posts that may indicate promotional success. This breakthrough allows us to filter out influencers that are not compatible with customer needs.

“We are emboldened by this latest development and believe it will help us deliver greater value to our customers.” said Robert Van Boerum, President.

Adapti leverages product and influencer data to identify correlations between product sales, search data, and influencer performance data. The company is excited to market Adapti as a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) platform for matching brands and influencers.

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Scepter Holdings, Inc. (the “Company”) manages the sales and brand development of high performance consumer packaged goods. The Company seeks to acquire successful brands to add to the Company’s product and brand portfolio sold online and through strategic retail relationships. The company has expertise in manufacturing, distributing, marketing and selling consumer packaged goods online and seeks to leverage this expertise to grow other acquired brands. Scepter Holdings, Inc. was incorporated under the laws of the State of Nevada on January 11, 2007.

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