Senator Menendez should work for lower drug prices

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A new poll shows that lowering prescription drug prices is the most popular provision of President Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan that is currently being debated in Congress. This is not surprising given that half of all adults take at least one meadowprescription drugs, and that people of all ages struggle with the price. One-third of people who need prescriptions don’t take them as directed by their doctor because they can’t afford the cost, despite having insurance coverage. Even a recently released PhR pollMY (Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America) who found 41% of Americans to jump prescribed doses agrees.

Lowering prescription drug prices for patients, the elderly, working families and employers through Medicare negotiations is not a controversial issue. In fact, almost everyone supports this solution, especially since we have already negotiated prices in the Veterans Health Department and in Medicaid, programs that pay half of what Medicare pays for prescriptions in. reason for negotiations.

Reduce costs for millions of people

The “Build Back Better” prescription drug provisions would not only lower Medicare prices, but would also extend those discounts to the 180 million people who have private insurance so they can save money as well. Additionally, the legislation would limit out-of-pocket expenses for Medicare seniors who currently have no cost caps and prevent drug companies from billing Americans for drugs three times what other countries pay. for the same drug.

No wonder it’s popular.

Falling drug prices, like so many other health issues, are bringing people together. No matter where you live, what you look like or what kind of coverage you have, at some point we will all need medication to make us feel better or to recover from an illness. It is time for Congress to make sure that we will be able to get them.

In the past, the people of New Jersey could always count on our Senator, Bob Menendez, to defend health care. Our organization, New Jersey Citizen Action, has worked with Senator Menendez on countless health care efforts – from Medicare and Medicaid protection to expanding health care for children as part of CHIP or the shift. historic to the Affordable Care Act which took the number of uninsured New Jerseyans to historic lows.

But when it comes to lowering the price of prescription drugs, Senator Menendez seems to have sided with the drug companies. Rather than working with advocates, unions, and employers to make sure we get real reform that will lower drug prices for as many New Jerseyans as possible, he appears to oppose reform or strive to limit it.

Massive benefits

Let’s be clear: New Jerseyans know the difference betweenen real reform and DIY. Minimal negotiations designed to protect Big Pharma’s business model do not gap fees for people under 65 to compensate the propharmaceutical companies lose by negotiating lower prices for the elderly.

Don’t make drug savings a cinch for the drug companies that are already making more profit than any other industry in America. Pharmaceutical companies could lose $ 1 trillion in sales and remain the most profitable industry, so they don’t need more loopholes or incentives to make money with a group at the expense of another.

Choosing to lower drug prices for 48 million seniors in Medicare Part D, while letting drug companies continue to raise prices for the 180 million people with private coverage is not a good deal for America . Senator Menendez has worked in the past to help working families, businesses and unions. But the stakeholders that benefit most from this type of small potato reform are the pharmaceutical companies, as they can retain their monopoly control over prices, continuing to defraud the prices with employer cover, ACA plans and insurance. union to increase their profits.

It is disheartening that Senator Menendez is on the wrong side of this fight rather than leading the charge for more affordable and accessible health care for all – as we have seen in the past. It is a betrayal of his health care legacy that voters will not soon forget.

Since we will all have to live with the consequences of his decision to put pharma interests at the expense of affordable drugs for the rest of us, everyone should contact Senator Menendez and urge him to support us.

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