SpotLite360 IOT Solutions Inc has signed a contract with E3 Service Group LLC to develop an Internet of Things data consolidation solution

E3 Service Group, which builds cannabis grow facilities, will collect data through SpotLite360 IoT sensors and integrate these metrics into supply chain workflows

SpotLite360 IOT Solutions Inc was contracted by E3 Service Group LLC to provide professional services to develop Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and corresponding software applications to collect and exploit the collected data on an ongoing basis.

Founded in 2012, E3 develops, designs and builds cannabis cultivation facilities with an emphasis on optimally configuring heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) infrastructure to create an ideal environment for growing cannabis plants. .

SpotLite360 said that E3’s main business goal in working with the company is to harvest a wide range of data from grow facilities via IoT sensors, and integrate these metrics into chain workflows. procurement, which could be used to make business decisions.

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Following the initial execution of this approach, SpotLite360 stated that it and E3 intend to expand the use of IoT sensors to more granular aspects of cannabis cultivation (irrigation efficiency, performance of cannabis plants). seeds, etc.).

SpotLite360 said it intends to work directly with E3 to develop a technology infrastructure to aggregate IoT sensor readings made by various vendors, in addition to SpotLite360’s existing hardware integrations.

By providing the ability to consolidate these data streams, Spotlite 360 ​​said that E3 can deliver greater value to its customers who operate indoor cannabis grow facilities in multiple U.S. states, including Colorado, l ‘Oklahoma, Michigan and Florida.

At the annual MJBizCon show in October 2021 in Las Vegas, SpotLite360 noted that it is co-sponsoring a social feature with E3, creating the opportunity to forge multiple connections with players in the cannabis industry who may benefit from the offerings. of E3, as well as the IoT Data Aggregation Enhancements to make available to E3 customers.

“The team behind E3 has been instrumental in the success of hundreds of cannabis grow sites across the United States,” James Greenwell, CEO of SpotLite360, said in a statement.

“By taking an interdisciplinary approach to developing growing facilities for long-term success, E3 has an impressive engineering track record underpinned by unmatched knowledge of cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and IoT. We are excited to create efficiencies by consolidating data from a wide range of IoT sensor models while allowing E3 customers to maximize the value they can derive from the information they can effortlessly collect. using the IoT sensors of their choice.

Bryson Guyer, founder of E3, said growing cannabis on a commercial scale is a sophisticated discipline in which data about the environment in which the crop is grown is an extremely valuable resource.

“Measuring attributes like temperature and humidity is relatively easy with existing instruments and technology. However, IoT sensors are proving increasingly popular for taking readings automatically around the clock, allowing for an unprecedented level of understanding, ”Guyer said. “We look forward to working with SpotLite360 to create an advanced IoT solution tailored for our customers, who will benefit from exceptionally simplified data collection capabilities, another defining feature of our world-class grow spaces. “

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