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If you want to buy or build a house or apartment, you usually need a construction loan. Only very rarely can such a project be financed from its own resources. Our mortgage calculator should help you to capture the best offers of the banks at a glance and to request your mortgage lending directly from the comparison. There are numerous offers on how home ownership can be financed. Mortgage loans, Bauspar contracts and policies are available.

How does the loan calculator work?

How does the loan calculator work?

With just a few details, you will receive an overview of all offers for your mortgage lending. The loan amount, the repayment term, the mortgage and the repayment are queried. Without a proper mortgage calculator, it would be almost impossible to create transparency. Hundreds of house banks and the direct banks from the Internet have constantly changing interest rates and offers. Through online comparisons, current interest rates are calculated and observed by many banks.

Homebuilding serves as a collateral for the bank, which is why interest rates are much more modest than for other types of loans. Sometimes there are banks that even work without credit bureau exam. Anyone who wants to realize a mortgage without credit bureau examination must inquire regionally.

Debt restructuring important!

The issue of debt restructuring has been steadily present in Germany in recent years. The historically low interest rates offer extreme potential to save money here. When it comes to mortgage lending, it usually involves very large loan sums and maturities over years or decades, even if only ten-digit percent savings can be made, this quickly adds up to several thousand euros.

So, debt repayment is a very worthwhile option, especially at low interest rates. Use our free loan calculator and ask for your offer.

An option is also to go with the best offers from the loan calculator to your own house bank. Eventually, the bank then reacts to the better offers of the competition and comes to meet you with an improved offer

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