The one-of-a-kind business community platform / app is very useful

SEqueer isn’t trying to change the world, just the way you choose to spend money.

The Queensland start-up offers the first community inclusion search engine of its kind, and they’ve packed it with extras that even your grandpa will love.

Filter your search to support veteran-owned businesses, hire staff with different abilities, or members of the queer community.

SEqueer makes it easy to elevate your social equality game without much effort. Little things help.

No politics, no activism and no overt sexuality… the negatives often associated with locating an intersectional business.

Find gay-owned, gay-allied, and gay-friendly businesses with so many extras. As a business owner, providing information about your sustainable practices – or even something as simple as your bathroom fixtures – can really help a queer kid.

The participatory directory promotes and supports gay, allied and LGBTQIA + owned businesses on an easy-to-use app (both Apple and Android) and online at

Born from a desire to offer representation and secure spaces, SEqueer (pronounced See Queer) allows users to share their favorite companies and to award these companies with identification badges that allow them to discover the world.

“I want to help people find businesses that are safe spaces. As a non-binary person who lives in a progressive city and country, people might assume that any business would welcome queer customers, ”said James Makiol, managing partner at SEqueer.

“It’s just not true; I don’t always know if a business will be safe for me. Unfortunately, some places I visited in my youth no longer welcome me as a young adult sailing the world.

Assigning badges to businesses helps create safe spaces for people of color, people with disabilities, and of course, the queer community. Badges also allow users to identify sustainable and ethical business practices.

If you own a business and want to join the SEqueer platform, register for free for six months at

Representation is important. We see you:

Free APP for Users – crowdsource platform for users to filter their search and locate businesses that match their needs and preferences.

The app also enables customers to recognize and participate in informing the world and creating safe / welcoming environments for people from all types of businesses.

WEBSITE for business users – providing a platform that advertises their ownership status and information about the practical, social and sustainable practices of their business. Large corporations and government entities in Australia looking to switch with intersectional businesses often find it difficult to locate intersectional business owners. SEqueer will help solve this problem by offering sourcing options, significantly helping business dollars find their way into the intersectional community.

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