Times Group’s Rajat Mittal Launches Experiential Marketing Company – Experiential Koncepts

Rajat Mittal, VP & Business Leader – Experiential Marketing, Agency New Business & BCCL Group Company Business, evolved and founded an experiential marketing company called Experiential Koncepts.

He started his career at BCCL in 2005, then joined ENIL with their Events 360 Degrees division.

Mittal was instrumental in launching international corporate events there and later joined the Times OOH division. He was one of the key members of the publicity team at Delhi Airport.

Experiential Koncepts is a boutique marketing company that provides brand engagement solutions. The company will work in unique spaces for brands such as CSR, building a rural sales channel, retail, entertainment and transit segments. The company intends to work with the best technological and creative team members in the field of artificial intelligence and augmented reality. The main objective of his company is not only to create innovative solutions, but also to implement them and to continue to improvise them continuously.

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