Tonya Veasey relaunches her public relations firm; now focused on diversity, equity and inclusion

Ignited by rising social injustice across America, communications strategist Tonya Veasey is relaunching her award-winning public relations firm OCG +, formerly Open Channels Group, to create social impact strategies and programs for businesses , nonprofits and government agencies that resonate with marginalized communities. , Veasey said in an announcement.

This follows his tenure as President and CEO of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation which ended at the end of September.

OCG +, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Cabinet

During his 18 months at the foundation, Veasey worked with his board of directors and representatives of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) to amplify and ultimately expand the foundation’s mission to advance the multifaceted black community to the global scale. Veasey has led change management initiatives, historic fundraising campaigns, and built a synergistic culture among key industry leaders that has led to historic victories in racial calculus, including:

– Increase in revenues from $ 7.3 million in 2019 to $ 18.2 million; – Launch of a national racial equity initiative; and – Build the necessary infrastructure to launch a $ 50 million endowment campaign.

The announcement says that for more than 25 years, Veasey advised Fortune 500 business executives and elected officials and developed his Fort Worth-based public affairs agency before joining the foundation.

It was during her tenure at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation that Veasey became more aware of the need for American businesses to take action and make a real impact for the betterment of society, marginalized communities and communities. people of color.

She has also seen companies struggle to find out how it is done, how to create lasting and impactful programs.

OCG + is the solution to this roadblock and is dedicated to helping brands figure out how to launch a long-term social impact strategy that actually connects and resolves the systemic issues that marginalized communities face on a daily basis, according to the announcement.

“During my time at CBCF, I saw first-hand the importance of political leaders, pioneering companies and community change actors working together to strengthen marginalized communities,” said Veasey. “This collection of experiences inspired me to renew my passion for DCI (diversity, equity and inclusion).

“OCG + will focus on the needs of the times. I see a future where businesses and organizations can work together to create sustainable public-private partnerships that have a real impact on our communities, and I believe the work we do at OCG + can guide them to that place, ”a- she declared.

The announcement says OCG + will help businesses create corporate social impact strategies, establish strategic partnerships, foster media and issue management, and scale up public awareness campaigns.

Prior to his work at the foundation, his professional accomplishments included recognizing the City of Fort Worth, Dallas and Texas for his leadership, public service, and general business acumen.

His education includes an Executive MBA from Texas Christian University, a BA from Dallas-based HBCU Paul Quinn College, and Diversity Equality & Inclusion certification from Cornell University.

She lives in Fort Worth with her husband, US Representative Mark Veasey, D-Fort Worth and her son.

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