Towards Green, All-Optical, Intelligent Connections: Huawei Creates New Value for the Internet Service Industry

VIENNA, May 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Huawei held its annual Global Internet Service Industry Summit in Vienna. To align with Europe an all-optical network strategy of environmental friendliness, intelligence and digital transformation, Huawei has launched new products and solutions, including NetEngine 8000 M4, OTN P2MP private line and Fiber to The Room (FTTR). The summit, which was joined by global business leaders, partners and think tanks, also featured discussions on Europe all-optical trend and transformation of managed services, together create new value.

Green, all-optical, intelligent connections have become a key growth area for the Internet Service Industry (ISI). Speaking at the opening ceremony, Huang Dachuan, CTO of Huawei’s Enterprise Business Group, said the ISI industry has three trends: Internet connection technologies are moving towards all-optical, Internet connection architecture is developing towards a software-based and smarter definition, and Internet services are becoming smarter and more diverse. He reaffirmed Huawei’s mission to provide all-optical intelligent Internet solutions and services to foster the smooth evolution of ICT architecture, as well as the business success of Internet Service Provider (ISP) customers.

The summits also showcased the latest trends in Huawei’s optical technologies. Dr. Maxim Kuschnerov, director of Huawei’s Optical and Quantum Communications Laboratory at Munich considered the evolution of optical technologies from five dimensions: Congestion Free, Always-On, Scalable, Simplified and Intelligent. He also shared the evolution trend and forecast of 50G PON, the latest generation transport access technology.

Other keynote speakers include Arthur AlksnisDirector of Public Affairs FTTH Council Europe, Richard MillerBusiness Development Manager of Huawei, and Jonas Emilssonco-founder of Glecom Sweden.

After the summit, Huawei also shared its vision at the FTTH 2022 conference, one of the world’s largest fiber summits, on May 25. In his speech, Kevin Liu, senior vice president of sales and channel at Huawei, pointed out that ISPs can achieve sustainable business growth by seizing the three upcoming strategic opportunities in broadband. First: broadband connection, optical network construction is accelerating; second, the evolution from outdoor FTTH to indoor FTTR provides a high-quality ubiquitous Wi-Fi network experience; third, high-end FTTR home broadband is the basis of smart homes and various applications.

For this opportunity, Huawei introduces Green Intelligent OptiX Network, which consists of green architecture, green site and green operation. “With this target network solution, we can lead the ICT industry to achieve ‘more bits, less watts’ and low carbon goals,” says Kevin LiuSenior VP of Sales and Channel of Huawei, during the panel speech.

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