Tribute to student musicians from the African diaspora

COLUMBIA, MD., February 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Columbia (MD) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated announces the 32nd Annual Peabody Concert. Scheduled for Sunday, February 27, 2022from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM ESTthis free online concert continues the decades-long tradition of celebrating student musicians from Peabody Institute from Johns Hopkins University.

the Peabody Institute students will represent their ancestors from across the African Diaspora, performing uniquely and traditionally composed pieces that align with this year’s theme: In Living Color: Deconstructing Duality. This theme chosen by the students will encourage the public to reflect on the dualities experienced by black people on a daily basis. Students will also use their performances to explore radicalism, celebration and community.

Since the beginning of this event more than 30 years ago, the Colombia ® Chapter of the Links, Incorporated has donated over $75,000 to support the Student Emergency Fund at Peabody Institute and grants a stipend to each student participating in the event. This year, attendees can expect to be amazed by the talent of ten student musicians, as they each share their gifts through vocal and instrumental performances.

Khandeya Sheppard, Community Partnerships Manager, Peabody Institute from Johns Hopkins Universityunderscored the importance of this unique partnership event saying, “We are grateful that Colombia ® Chapter of the Links, Incorporated is one of our long-time community partners committed to the artistic and professional development of our Peabody students. Having dedicated platforms for our artists to showcase their talent is especially important given the recent impact of the pandemic on the arts industry. Students and staff were thrilled to create this year’s innovative virtual experience.”

dr. Lisa Cooper Lucaspresident of the Colombia (MD) Chapter of the Links, Incorporated, reflected on the beauty of the event, saying, “Attendees of previous Peabody concerts can expect the same level of musical mastery with student performances this year. And for newcomers, it’s a gift ‘The event not to be missed because it will be a celebration – a celebration of diversity, black history and very beautiful music.’

Go to to join us live on Sunday for that free online event and to learn more about the community efforts of The Colombia ® Chapter of Links, Incorporated.

About The Links, Incorporated
Links, embedded
, founded in 1946, is one of the world’s oldest and largest women’s voluntary service organizations committed to enriching, supporting and ensuring the cultural and economic survival of African Americans and other people of African descent . The Links, Incorporated has more than 12,000 professional women of color serving in 270 chapters in 42 states, the District of Colombia and the Bahamian.

the Colombia ® Chapter of The Links, Incorporated Accredited in June 1975the Colombia ® Chapter of Links Incorporated has been a mainstay of the Howard County community. For more than 47 years, the organization has sponsored numerous events and programs that span the arts, education, youth development, physical and mental health, as well as national and international outreach.

the Peabody Institute from Johns Hopkins University includes both the degree-granting Peabody Conservatory and the community-oriented Peabody Preparatory, which enables musicians and dancers from diverse backgrounds to create and perform at the highest level. Building on its rich history as America’s premier conservatory, Peabody extends the power of the performing arts and a strong artistic education through the greatest Baltimore community and around the world.

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