Winston-Salem startup Fluree emerges as a leader in Web3

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WINSTON-SALEM – Fluee, provider of the Web3 data platform, earlier this week announced significant momentum as the technology of choice for privacy-preserving data ecosystems.

Fluree’s immutable semantic graph database played a key role in a wide range of projects in 2021, including secure college degrees for Ministry of Education funded projects, an inviolable and fair election based on blockchain and off-chain data storage for Cardano. , the sixth largest cryptocurrency in the world.

“It’s inspiring to see how developers are leveraging Fluree’s ability to provide trust, semantic context, and security to data projects,” said Fluree co-CEO and co-founder Brian Platz. “Support for our platform is at an all-time high, thanks to a data-centric architecture that can power reliable and interoperable data ecosystems. “

“The widespread adoption of Web3 – the decentralized data Internet – is on the horizon. As the rise of data ecosystems faces challenges of privacy, trust and interoperability, Fluree is uniquely positioned to become the infrastructure of choice in the emerging web3 market, ”said Dan Malven , Managing Director of 4490 Ventures.

Accelerating Developer Adoption: 500% Growth in 2021

Fluree’s open source technology has grown by 500% in user count in 2021, surpassing 100,000 total downloads to date, as it becomes the technology of choice for privacy-preserving data ecosystems. Key use cases in verifiable credentials, education technology, business knowledge graphs, and blockchain applications continue to emerge. Fluree is recently Revamped developer portal and the growing Slack community adapts to the influx of developer adoption, prioritizing the Fluree developer experience and community.

WS Fluree startup offers blockchain security to 3 federal projects

Fluree’s rise in adoption from developers and strategic partners has been recognized, winning local awards such as Tech Tribune’s Best tech startup in Winston-Salem to be recognized as a CRN Coolest Database System Company of 2021 as well as winner of the Business Intelligence Group award Fortress Cyber ​​Security Award.

Digital privacy and verifiable credentials for the public sector, supporting improved education and healthcare

Verifiable credentials and decentralized identifiers have become a central theme in increasing Fluree use cases in educational ecosystems and healthcare. As the world begins to understand the value of privacy in digital ecosystems, organizations have chosen Fluree to power solutions that return ownership of information to consumers.

  • Study diplomas: Two Department of Education funded American Council of Education Blockchain Innovation Challenge projects use Fluree’s technology to transform accreditation in university ecosystems. the LifeLong Learner Project focuses on providing teachers with a portfolio to store and present certifications throughout their careers. the Project Unlocked focuses on creating an open transfer exchange that will empower students by streamlining the recognition of transfer credits. In both projects, Fluree’s technology forms the basis for the exchange of secure and interoperable verifiable credentials between owners, issuers and third-party institutions. The main partners in these initiatives are the University of Arizona, the Gardner Institute and Georgia Tech.
  • Healthcare diplomas: Pulse connection has partnered with Fluree to create verifiable identification solutions for patients and healthcare providers. This will help support the verification requirements for vaccine accreditation for increased vaccine mandates.

Strategic Partnerships: Supporting Cryptocurrency Advances, Tamper-Resistant Elections, and Unstructured Data Codification

Much of Fluree’s momentum in 2021 stems from Fluree’s growth partner ecosystem, which recently won the CRN’s “Line managers award. “Here are some examples of rising stars in Fluree’s partner ecosystem:

  • Building a Metadata Sidechain Solution for the Sixth Largest Cryptocurrency: The community supporting the Cardano high-ranking cryptocurrency blockchain platform selected Ikigai Technologies and Fluree in power Logosphere. The Logosphere project offers Fluree as an “off-chain decentralized application data storage (dApp) solution” for metadata related to Cardano transactions. Instead of putting data in siled databases, Fluree will act as a secure and interoperable metadata layer for dApp developers. This will enable a new class of data-driven applications, such as non-fungible token exchanges (NFTs), decentralized knowledge graphics, and other data-centric Web3 applications.
  • Powering the world’s first end-to-end blockchain election: technologies provided a digital voting platform powered by Fluree for the International Islamic University of Malaysia. The digital platform used the backend of Fluree to successfully register identities, facilitate private voting, and thwart efforts to tamper with the election.
  • Transform text into reliable and interoperable data: Fluree integrated with Lead semantics to offer TextDistil, a natural language processing (NLP) pipeline for unstructured data. Integration will enable organizations to transform their text and other unstructured data into a rich set of searchable information, easily integrated into enterprise data fabrics and knowledge graphs. This is particularly valuable for the healthcare industry, which largely deals with unstructured data and has experienced a 878% increase in health data over the past five years.

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